BlackMax Nutrition Cycling Team

BlackMax Nutrition Cycling Team was founded for the dual purposes of providing younger riders the opportunity to compete at an elite level, and creating an awareness around the BlackMax product. Since launching in 2017, the team has seen riders come and go, but a core unit has remained throughout. The average age of the team slowly creeps up each year as riders are keen to stay on, but they still pick up one or two U19 riders each season. The team's focus is on having a good time together, and while competitive results contribute to this, we don’t put such an emphasis on them that it detracts from the enjoyment level. You’ll see them racing across a variety of events, whether that be as an individual or a unit. They are distinguished by the dark purple Tineli kit.


Blair Barnes-page, Cathal Guiney, Dylan Vile, Felix Donnelly, Ioan Fuller, John Wansink, Josh Ocoup-Coursey, Liam Morrison, Max Beckert, Sam Elstob, Sam Guest, Will Findlay, Will Tasker


Dylan Vile


Canterbury (New Zealand)

With Tineli

since 2019


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