Sponsored athlete - Harrison Mudgway

Training and racing in winter

Tineli sponsored athlete, Harrison Mudgway, feels the same as the rest of us...see ya winter, and don't come back any time soon!  We're all looking forward to less rain, drier trails and long summer evening rides.  

I caught up with Harry yesterday on how his season was going and he gave me the low down on how he's tracking leading up to the end of 2017.

"So currently i'm getting over a sinus infection so have just been having a few easy weeks to recover from the big block of training I had done before I got sick. Things are now looking up for my next race which is the Whaka 50 in Rotorua, it should be an awesome event, lots of competition which will make for a great race. I've been doing a lot of trail riding lately to prepare for it. Since most of my rides were being done on the roadie you end up losing a little bit of feel for the MTB! 
After that Whaka theres not really any more racing on my calendar for this month, the next event will be when I head down to Taupo in November with a bunch of mates to race the Huka Challenge, which is another 50km Mountain bike event through an awesome network of trails. (can't wait for that) 
In terms of where I am with my training, i'm mostly just doing long endurance work on the bike and a little bit of gym work to build that base for next season which will start Jan/Feb of 2018, however i'm looking forward to getting back into some speed and strength work come closer to next year, that is just your shorter more intense stuff!"  
Harry Mudgway



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