Australia's Tineli T2 Enviro Racing Team is a dedicated Masters Men's & Women's Team concentrating on the Masters QRTS Series, State and National level racing, as well as supporting the Sunshine Coast Cycling Club events and Cycling Queensland Open Races.

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The team's members ride every day, all year round, in every condition and appreciate having a range of different garments that can be combined for their training and races. Team Manager Ben Sutton says It's easy to combine Tineli clothing to suit the conditions, because all the pieces are customised and created in the same design. Whether we ride in a matching winter jersey and arm warmers in July or high-breathable shorts in December, people know us because of our style. Our riders our proud to wear the garments, and love them, because they are developed by a team that really knows how to make riding kit that looks and performs great, with a passion for the details that you notice during long hours in the saddle.’


Recently, we met up with the team at a race in Noosa/Australia where a couple of the riders were wearing the new Pro 2 In 1 Road Suit. It's my favorite garment for race days, it's so aerodynamic and helps me get better results!, said one of the riders.

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The customisable Pro 2 In 1 Road Suit was created just before the Elite Road Nationals 2019 in Napier/New Zealand. A couple of teams found success racing in the new design, and their feedback was really positive. Because so many riders loved this piece, Tineli wanted to make it available to everyone, not just teams, and so the Pro 2 in 1 road suit was launched to the public.

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Perfect time trial and track cycling speedsuit

Tineli clothing is also in high demand with track cyclists, and for race days there's nothing faster or more comfortable than the customisable Tineli Pro Aero Speedsuit. However, track cycling isn't the only discipline where this suit is a firm favourite. Tineli T2 Enviro Racing Team chooses it as the perfect garment for road time trials where every 0.01 second counts.

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Speed across all disciplines Tri-suit

Greg is a supporter of the team through the two bike stores that he manages in Noosa Australia. He is three times XTERRA World Champion. I've worked with Tineli and raced in the Tineli brand for a long time'. As a big fan of our Tineli Pro 2 In 1 Tri Suit, he finds it to be perfectly aero and comfortable for every discipline - cycling, running and swimming.

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